Level 1 (ST1-3)


These sessions are for ST1-2 and ST3 trainees who have not yet achieved full membership and passed APLS.  Once you have achieved full membership and passed APLS you are eligible to attend the ST4-5 training days.

GPVTS programme - for GP trainees undertaking a 6 month Paediatric placement.

ST1-3 Training Programmes

September 2018 - August 2019

Please note the venue of teaching at GNCH on 12 September is Lecture Theatre, CRB Education Centre, Peacock Hall, RVI.  The current venue is incorrect but I am unable to amend the programme at the moment due to IT issues.  We are changing feedback - we usuall send trainees who attend teaching a link for feedback once we receive the registers (and know who has attended).  However,  we have found response is poor and speakers either get little or no feedback.  We will therefore be sending trainees the link to teaching the day before teaching and we expect you to complete the feedback within 24 hours of teaching. 

Please ensure teaching dates are in your diary even though speakers might not yet be confirmed.  Topics and speakers might move around but it is highly unlikley dates/location will change.  Trainees will be informed if this is the case.  Trainees will be expected to submit none attendance forms for any sessions you are unable to Adele Simpson these must be submitted after the sessions.  The link to the form is below. 

Please make a note of all teaching sessions in your diary and keep an eye on this website for confirmed topics/speakers.  The outline programme link below will give more detail of the topics which will be covered in each session.

Teaching attendance is set at 70% to allow for leave and night shifts etc.


Non-attendance form (must be completed for each session you cannot attend)

Terms of reference

Outline programme 2017-2019





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