Through collaboration with FAIMER and Keele University, HEE NE has developed as a European Centre for FAIMER.

FAIMER is the Foundation for International Medical Education and Research and is a non- profit organisation committed to improving world health through education: www.faimer.org 

The FAIMER Distance Learning programme offers individuals the opportunity to receive advanced training in all aspects of health professions education. Educators can acquire the knowledge and skills to advance health professions education at their institutions to the highest international standards.

2020/21 UPDATE: Please note that the applications process to apply for the Y1 cohort that commenced September 2020 closed in July 2020. We are hopeful that we will be able to offer this opportunity again for a September 2021 cohort. However, we will not be able to confirm this until budgets are finalised in the New Year. Please keep checking back to this website for details of the 2021 applications process. This typically goes live in May with a July closing date. HEE NE will send an email to all current doctors in training within HEE NE who are CT1/ST1 and higher to advise of the opportunity once live.

Interested trainees may find it useful to view the most recent flyer and the application form to get an idea of what to expect.

At present, FP doctors are not eligible to apply through this route. Specifically for FP, however, we now have the opportunity for a small number of incoming FP doctors to commence the Y1 FAIMER Certificate in their F2 Year. This is part of the ‘Foundation Priority Programmes’ on offer within HEE NE. Please visit Foundation Priority Programme FAQs and/or contact the Northern Foundation School for more information on this route.

We invite anyone interested in or curious about FAIMER to watch this video which has been created to explain what the HEE NE-FAIMER-Keele Distance Learning Programme is about and what to expect for doctors in training thinking of applying:

The HEE NE-FAIMER-Keele collaboration came to fruition as part of HEE NE’s ongoing work looking to develop excellent clinical trainers and encourage international opportunities to develop its reputation. As a result of funding from HEE NE, a modular, distance learning programme commenced for the benefit of doctors in training and patients in the region and beyond.  Participants are registered with Keele University to attain their degree.  This programme has enabled HEE NE to develop as a European centre for FAIMER.

The quality assurance is rigorous with regular reports written for the Keele Exam Board and External Examiner. The course materials were written by 120 different authors who are experts in their fields, before being put into distance learning style to ensure active learning and engagement.

Following an annual applications process, doctors in training from across the HEE NE region are accepted onto the Distance Learning course whilst continuing their training. September 2019 saw the start of our fourth Year 1 FAIMER cohort, which brings our total to 97 for the number of local doctors in training who have now achieved or are actively undertaking the Y1 Certificate since the arrangement began in 2016. In addition, we have 33 trainees who have moved on successfully from Y1 and have now either completed or are studying for their Y2 Diploma. We also currently have 11 individuals who are undertaking the Y3 Masters having had 2 trainees previously who have already successfully completed all 3 years of study.

We are delighted with the achievements of these local doctors in training which can only be excellent for both Medical Education and the region.

For enquiries please contact Gemma.Crackett@hee.nhs.uk (Senior Business Manager).







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