Through collaboration with FAIMER and Keele University, HEE NE had developed as a European Centre for FAIMER.

FAIMER is the Foundation for International Medical Education and Research and is a non- profit organisation committed to improving world health through education: www.faimer.org 

The FAIMER Distance Learning programme offers individuals the opportunity to receive advanced training in all aspects of health professions education. Educators in medicine, nursing, dentistry and other health professions can acquire the knowledge and skills to advance health professions education at their institutions to the highest international standards.

The HEE NE-FAIMER-Keele collaboration came to fruition as part of HEE NE’s ongoing work looking to develop excellent clinical trainers and encourage international opportunities to develop its reputation. As a result of funding from HEE NE, a modular, distance learning programme has commenced for the benefit of practitioners and patients in the region and beyond.  Participants are registered with Keele University to attain their degree.  This programme has enabled HEE NE to develop as a European centre for FAIMER.

The quality assurance is rigorous with regular reports written for the Keele Exam Board and External Examiner. The course materials were written by 120 different authors who are experts in their fields, before being put into distance learning style to ensure active learning and engagement.

Following an applications process, 19 doctors in training from across the HEE NE region were accepted (with fees paid by HEE NE) and commenced in September 2016, the one-year Certificate in Health Professions Education: Accreditation and Assessment http://www.faimer.org/distance-learning/programs/certificate.html.Upon completion of the Certificate, the option to study further to diploma or Masters Level will be available.

A week-long residential, organised by HEE NE, is part of the one-year Certificate as an additional educational opportunity to enhance the distance learning that will prepare attendees for teaching and training in the work place. The residential covers clinical teaching skills in areas such as giving feedback, handover, clinical and educational supervision.

It is intended that HEE NE will run an annual process for doctors in training to apply to undertake the distance learning qualification, with a new cohort beginning each September. The opportunity to apply (when live) will be emailed to all current doctors in training. For any enquiries please contact Gemma.Crackett@hee.nhs.uk (Senior Business Manager).

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