MALLORCA: Exchange Programme


Clinical colleagues based in Mallorca have a huge need for Spanish speaking doctors to also speak English, to enable good clinical care of British people who encounter health difficulties whilst on holiday.

This means there are doctors in Mallorca keen to experience training in the features of the UK in general and the features of the NHS in particular. This also means that there are many opportunities in the Balearics for training or experience of potentially the same patients.

In order to support the care of UK tourists and to support joint learning, colleagues in Mallorca have requested an exchange to occur between GPs and Consultants in Mental Health, Acute and Emergency Care.

The partnership is currently in the early stages of development. We aim to bring an appropriate arrangement to fruition that will lead both to gains for the local NHS as well as a scheme to aid retention and mitigate against clinician ‘burn out’ and early retirement.

Details will be posted here and circulated around our networks in due course.

For any enquiries please contact (Senior Business Manager).

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