Final FRCA "crammer" course


Each course is divided into 2 sections focusing on either the written exam or the VIVA exam (Structured Oral Exam as the College call it). They are held separately approximately 1 month prior to the respective exam sittings. They are applied for and paid for separately, so you can just attend the section that you feel will benefit you most.

The section focusing on the written exam is held over 3 days. The first day is a mock exam, with a 3-hour SAQ paper and a 3-hour MCQ paper in simulated exam conditions. The following 2 days focus on relevant topics for the exam, and include further SAQ and “hot-topic” discussions. These include statistics, pain, ICU, vascular, neuro, obstetrics and cardiothoracic.  The places are limited to ensure interactive sessions with group participation to optimize learning.

The VIVA section of the course is held over 2 days, The morning of the first day focuses on data interpretation with small group teaching on ECGs, X-rays, CT’s, CPET, and sleep studies. There is VIVA practice in the afternoon. The whole of the next day is VIVA practice, with each candidate having two “ full exams”. That is doing 2 long cases, two clinical VIVA’s and two basic Science VIVA’s. There is individual feedback after each VIVA session, focusing on technique to facilitate improvement. The candidates also get to observe 2 “full” exams. Places on this course are limited to 12.




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