Individual Learning Accounts


Protocol for Individual Learning Account Applications in Clinical & Medical Oncology


  • ST3s allocated a notional £950
  • ST4 onwards a notional £800
  • All mandatory courses have committed money when trainees enter the ILA system.
  • Any money left at end of the year is to be carried forward into relevant trainee’s Individual Learning Account for next year.
  • Trainees can use the following years allowance, but not exceed this amount e.g. £800.
  • Specialty Programme Coordinator to maintain a spreadsheet recording courses attended by trainees, including costs and balance against budget.
  • Trainees to maintain own record of balance in Individual Learning Account.
  • Subsistence entitlements



  • Trainees are allocated notional 30 days study leave per year.
  • Trainee completes a Study Leave Application Form online.
  • Using the submit buttons at the bottom of the form the trainee sends the application to the relevant Study Leave Coordinator via email for approval and signature a minimum of 6 WEEKS before the leave.
  • Study Leave Coordinator sends one completed and signed form to the Specialty Programme Coordinator, at HEE NE and returns the other completed and signed form to the trainee.
  • SPC enters study leave information onto the Individual Learning Account spreadsheet and keeps form.
  • After study leave is taken, trainee sends second copy of completed and signed Study Leave Application Form to Trust Centre Manager, who enters data onto Intrepid and files form.
  • Trainee completes Expenses Form, completes it and sends along with any original receipts/tickets to the Specialty Programme Coordinator at HEE NE.
  • Specialty Programme Coordinator checks forms and enters financial information onto Individual Learning Account Spreadsheet.
  • Specialty Programme Coordinator files Study Leave Application form and copy of the Evaluation Form in trainee’s RITA file.
  • Specialty Programme Coordinator sends completed expenses form to Payroll and expenses paid to trainee in salary.
  • Payroll informs Specialty Programme Coordinator of actual amount paid to trainee on the form
  • The Specialty Programme Coordinator enters this on the Individual Learning Account Spreadsheet.


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