Less Than Full Time Forum

The purpose of the Less Than Full Time Forum (LTFT)  is to increase the involvement of doctors and dentists in training, who work less than full time, in their postgraduate training and medical education. It encourages trainees to take ownership of their postgraduate training, improves dialogue between themselves and the Postgraduate Dean, and allows trainee contribution to the development of relevant strategies and processes. Better trainee engagement and contribution aligns with our objectives of excellence in training and enhancement of recruitment, retention and overall trainee experience to enable our region to provide the highest quality patient care.

LTFT training can be complex and challenging for both the trainee, their trainers and their employers. The LTFT forum has been formed to allow trainees to bring problems or difficulties they encounter in working LTFT; to a forum that is designed to work on improving LTFT training and aims to work to solve these issues together.

The Terms of Reference provides more information about the forum, membership and accountability.

For more information or if you would be interested in joining the group please email ltft.ne@hee.nhs.uk.

Chairs: Dr Hena Hidayat and Dr Elizabeth Tarala

Contact: ltft.ne@hee.nhs.uk

January 2020 - LTFT Meeting in a Minute  

January 2020 - Summary Slide

October 2020 - LTFT Meeting in a Minute

January 2021 - Understanding Pay Slips Recording

February 2021 - LTFT Meeting in a Minute

June 2021 - LTFT Meeting in a Minute











Dates of Future meetings - The LTFT forum meets twice a year.

Date Time Venue
Wednesday 29th September 2021 0900-1130 MSTeams link to follow

Less Than Full Time Handbook

Guide to Exception Reporting

Updated Terms and Conditions - NHS Employers website

National Resources on Less Than Full Time Training including short videos on Applying, Pay and Rota Patterns