Medical Microbiology


Programme Director : Daniel Weiand

Specialty Programme Coordinator: Joanne O'Brien

HR Officer:  Allyson Ashwell

Welcome to Medical Microbiology. We aim to provide useful information to potential future and current Microbiology Specialist Trainees, Microbiology Trainers and all others interested in the microbiology training opportunities in Health Education North East. We hope you will find this website a useful resource and an easy way of finding links to microbiology related sites.


Medical microbiology deals with all aspects of infection, from initial diagnosis through to treatment. It includes hands on bench work in the laboratory and close involvement with clinical staff in a variety of acute and community settings to effectively manage infections and ensure effective surveillance as well as infection prevention and control across the healthcare community. This specialty also works with a variety of staff to manage laboratories and ensure appropriate antimicrobial use. However, the balance between practical laboratory and clinical training will be influenced by the trainee’s educational background, the trainee’s personal interests and guidance from the trainees supervisors.

In recent years, medical microbiology has assumed a higher profile and the public now often use their experience of infection control and management of infections to contribute to improving patient care. No day is the same in medical microbiology and each day brings its own challenges and uncertainty.  Medical microbiology requires a broad knowledge base and a flexible approach as well as an ability to be able to think on your feet when under pressure.


Training in medical microbiology takes approximately four years for a fulltime training programme. This includes 2 years of combined infection training as well as 2 years higher specialty training in medical microbiology. Medical microbiology trainees in HEENE will rotate between the following hospitals/trusts:


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