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From August 2021, ACCS Emergency Medicine themed trainees will use the Kaizen eportfolio - further information will be updated here soon!  



If you need access to the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) eportfolio, known as the Lifelong Learning Portfolio, or LLP, please go to, complete the online form and the College will create your account. If you need a password reset, please contact

ACCS Anaesthetics themed trainees need to register for Core training with the RCoA. Upon registering you will receive login details for the new Lifelong Learning Platform. The registration form can be downloaded from:

The new platform requires trainees to have an active placement before they are able to send WBA.This guide shows how to create a placement and add a supervisor. In order that the ARCP form within the new portfolio is populated correctly, trainees who remain at the same hospital for 12 months should create 2 placements in the portfolio e.g. August- Feb and Feb – August.

Here are some user-guides relating to creating a placement, updating your profile and uploading documents. There is a suggested naming convention for some of the commonly used documents within the guidance.


For anaesthetists in training, Click here for the YouTube guidance videos for anaesthetists in training on the following functions:

  • Introduction to Lifelong Learning and workplace-based assessments (WPbA)
  • Personal activities and personal reflection
  • e-portfolio download
  • Logbook
  • Document store
  • Personal development plan
  • Supervisory meetings and educational supervisors structured report (ESSR)
  • Uploading existing CUT forms to the platform
  • Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)


Your local ACCS Programme Support, Jon Adcock, is able to help with:

Adding / Editing placements for trainees

Adding supervisors to trainees profiles 


but alternatively, you can contact the College (Royal College of Anaesthetists)

✉ Email

☎ Telephone 0207 0921556




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