Cardiology Sub-specialty Training


I hope you are all aware of recent discussions both nationally at SAC level and locally at STC level about applying greater rigour to the process of selecting and identifying sub-specialty training for cardiology trainees in their final 2 years.  National person specifications have now been developed nationally.  These have been reviewed at the cardiology STC locally and the additional amendment that we have agreed is that all trainees should be discussing their chosen preferred sub-specialty with a clinical trainer with whom they have worked in that sub-specialty.  Whenever possible, this would be someone who also has an educational supervisor role.  We would ask that trainees ask for a statement of support from their clinical or educational supervisor, to state that they have discussed your preferred subspecialty and they are in agreement that you are felt to have an appropriate skill set for training within that area.  

We have been undertaking a comprehensive curriculum mapping exercise within Health Education North East.  Whilst this is not complete, the aim is to gain a better understanding of training capacity, both for core training and for each sub-specialty area.  If we have too many applicants for their preferred sub-specialty, we may have to undertake a more formal selection process.  To date, we have always been able to accommodate sub-specialty training needs through more informal negotiation.  We would, however, like to ensure that there is discussion and sign-off of the agreed sub-specialty with all ST5 trainees before they start ST6.

DRAFT job descriptions for the sub-specialty areas are attached below:-

EP and Devices

Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Heart Failure

Cardiac Imaging

Cardiac Intervention

Rhythm Management Devices (not EP)


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