Chemical Pathology


Training Programme Director - Ahai Luvai

Specialty Programme Coordinator - Joanne O'Brien

People Services Officer, Lead Employer Trust - Allyson Ashwell / Christian Collins - 0191 275 4753/4783

In HEENE, chemical pathology is completed with sub-specialty accreditation in metabolic medicine. Trainees in this specialty will be involved in laboratory work and will ensure the quality of the results in the laboratory along with guiding clinicians in maximising the benefits of laboratory tests in diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring. It is a role which allies clinical practice as well as laboratory investigations and research.


There are five clinical domains that are included in the chemical pathology training programme. These domains are:

  • Disorders of nutrition
  • Inborn errors of metabolism (IEM)
  • Disorders of lipid metabolism and cardiovascular risk assessment
  • Disorders of calcium metabolism and bone
  • Diabetes mellitus

Trainees in this specialty will gain the skills to lead a full clinical service at consultant level in one or more of the five domains. They will also develop additional advanced experience at the end of their training programme in one or two domains.   

Chemical pathology is a five year higher specialty training programme which requires the completion of the FRCPath, following on from two years of core medical training. It is a requirement to have MRCP to complete training in this specialty. For Chemical Pathology alone, MRCP is not required and the training is shorter at 4 years in duration.

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