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Welcome to Cellular Pathology. We aim to provide useful information to potential future and current Cellular Pathology Trainees, Cellular Pathology Trainers and all others interested in the Cellular Pathology training opportunities in Health Education North East. We hope you will find this website a useful resource and an easy way of finding links to histopathology related sites.


Cellular Pathology is the study of diseased tissue, for example, breast lumps or specimens of bowel removed because of suspected cancer, including examination under the microscope. Histopathologists look at tissues and cells removed from patients in the clinic or during an operation. They use a range of scientific methods to discover if a disease is present and what course of action needs to be taken.


Histopathologists need good attention to detail for examining tissue and diagnosing disease. Many diseases look very similar, so being able to spot small differences is important. They need to be able to work under pressure and make critical decisions every day, as their interpretation of what they see under the microscope will determine what treatment the patient is given. Histopathologists must have a high level of self-motivation and be able to work both alone and as part of a team. Good communications skills are essential for discussing the relevance of microscopic findings with colleagues.


Training in Cellular Pathology usually takes 5 years and 6 months when in full time training. In HEENE histopathology trainees can rotate between any of the following hospitals and trusts:

To find out more about our region and Trusts please visit the Find Your Place website.

To find out more about Histopathology training in HEENE please visit Day In The Life as well as the Histopathology Curriculum.


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