Paediatric Surgery


Training Programme Director: Mr Alok Godse

Specialty Programme Coordinator: Trudie Heron

The training programme in Paediatric Surgery is currently an indicative 6 years’ duration comprising four stages: initial, intermediate, final and special interest. Programmes are designed to provide exposure to a wide range of surgical problems in children during training.  HEE NE are part of the Northern Consortium responsible for Paediatric Surgery. The consortium includes Health Education England Yorkshire and Humber, Health Education England East Midlands and Health Education North East offices and trainees will rotate through Hospitals in Newcastle, Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, Leicester and Nottingham. Health Education England Yorkshire and Humber are the lead office for the consortium.

Why choose Specialty Paediatric Surgery as a career?

Paediatric Surgery is very fulfilling in terms of the job satisfaction you derive in treating sick children. The gratitude from both parents and children is enormous. In this speciality you still are able to deal with all major systems of the body and yet in final years of training there is an opportunity to develop interest in a sub-specialised field like Urology, Oncology, Colorectal etc. The new purpose built Great North Children’s Hospital has all major Paediatric sub-speciality and good Intensive Care facilities.

Paediatric Surgery is challenging, dealing with a variety of emergency and elective conditions. It can be flexible with a choice of sub-specialty that can allow part-time and predictable working if required

Development in surgical techniques is constant and allows for acquiring new technical skills (Robotics in Paediatric Surgery).

As a trainee what can I expect from my training programme?

Newcastle is part of a consortium which delivers training in Paediatric Surgery across the northern half of England. The other centres are Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester and Hull. Trainees will rotate after 3 years to one of these centres to complete their full training. Trainees are allocated an educational supervisor at the start for their full 3 years. At the annual assessments trainees are allowed to express a preference for posts and where possible this is accommodated. Where competition occurs, the trainee’s seniority and portfolio are taken into account. Trainees are exposed to all sub-specialities of Paediatric Surgery and can therefore develop a special interest towards the later years of their training. Trainee satisfaction of previous trainees has been very good.

The calibre of training provided is well recognised, and trainees over the years have been successful in attaining consultant posts across the country and abroad. Workforce planning and analysis has predicted an oversupply of applicants for consultant posts, and so the training numbers are being cut. The aim being that if someone is successful in obtaining a training number, they should have a good chance of securing a consultant post. Here at HENE we cater to a large catchment area resulting in a wealth of good clinical experience as well as having close liaison with paediatric sub-specialties and Adult General Surgery and Urology.

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