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Supervision Resources

If you are new to supervision or returning to a supervision or educational role as a response to COVID-19 we hope you find the materials listed below a useful resource. 

Supervision Skills Guide

Team NHS 

Team NHS Check In

Team NHS Check Out

Postgraduate Doctor and Dentist Events Flyer 

Wellbeing Flyer

HEE NE Faith Summaries

Multifaith Calendar 2022

LSFD Resources for Trainers

Providing Excellence in Training and Education

Our purpose is to provide timely and impactful educational opportunities to all doctors and dentists in our region to enhance patient care through the delivery of excellent training. We are committed to providing on-going learning and development options that provide all doctors with the right skills, values and behaviours as outlined in the General Medical Council (GMC) Good Medical Practice

We support Schools and Local Education Providers by offering educational programmes, workshops and resources to doctors in training, trainers and Training Programme Directors (TPDs)/Leads. 

Our purpose is to ensure our region’s clinical and educational supervisors receive quality training which enables them to educate and support doctors and dentists in training to deliver excellent patient care.  The GMC sets out specific requirements for supervisors and we align all our educational events to the approved Framework for Medical Supervisors.    

We know that some doctors and dentists in training experience difficulties of a personal or health capacity which then affects their ability to train.  The Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit provides specialist support to these Postgraduate Doctors in training and also gives advice for workplace adjustments.

For our doctors and dentists in training we have our unique Pyramid of Learning which focuses on levels of learning from introductory to Masters.  It supports development of essential skills in professionalism (the base of our pyramid) and three specific areas (one per pyramid face) – Leadership and Management, Research, Teaching and Training.    

We continually review and update our offer in light of the GMC’s trainee and trainer surveys and conduct regular training needs analysis to ensure our offer aligns to current issues and needs.  We offer low cost, high quality courses that are relevant to our region and available locally.

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