Annual Review of Competence Progression


The annual assessments for Renal Medicine are held twice a year in the Summer and Autumn. Trainees are usually required to attend for feedback following the panel reviewing their eportfolio and will be contacted with further details. 

The next round of ARCPs will be held in May 2022 and trainees will be contacted in the New Year with the date.

Renal Medicine ARCP Decision Aid 2010 - revised August 2017

Checklist for Trainees on 2010 Curricula

Renal Medicine Curriculum

Changes to specialty trainee assessment and review

In addition to the above please ensure that the following is included as part of the evidence.

  • An up to date Educational Supervisor Report specific to Renal Medicine to cover your time since your last ARCP or if it is your first ARCP from your start date up to the present.  If you are in a post which includes G(I)M you will need separate reports for Renal and G(I)M although these can both be done by the same ES.  If you are in a Renal Medicine only post at the Freeman hospital your GIM ES report will need to reference the maintenance of G(I)M skills and this report will need to be available by the deadline date of your G(I)M ARCP.
  • Multiple Consultant Reports – 4 – 6 per year
  • ALS certificate which must be valid for each year of training with your certificate uploaded in the certificates section of the personal library. N.B Your certificate can be obtained directly from the Resuscitation Council if required.
  • Curriculum competencies which must have Educational Supervisor sign-off, although these will be sampled following recent JRCPTB guidance as attached.  Please also note the number of links allowed for each WPBA as from August 2015.

We suggest that you go through the relevant requirements with your ES.


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