Teaching and SCE Resources

This page houses presentations from Respiratory Regional Teaching sessions and presentations/resources for the Respiratory SCE. To keep this webpage as useful and up-to-date for trainees as possible, please send any presentations you give at Regional Teaching to respstc@outlook.com so they can be uploaded and all can benefit. 

For more SCE questions, visit the BTS or MRCP websites. 

Teaching Presentations

Airways disease

Extrapulmonary Manifestations of Cystic Fibrosis - Matt Dickson

Asthma case - Umair Falak

Severe Asthma - Hannah Carlin

Phenotyping in COPD PK - Wezi Sendama

Interstitial lung disease/OELD

Oxygen Therapy in ILD - Matt Dickson

Sarcoidosis - PK - Matt Dickson

Organising pneumonia - Ranjeev Deerpalsing

Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis - Ben Pippard

CTD-ILD - Deirdre McCourt

RA-ILD - Umair Falak

ILD and malignancy - Malvika Bhatnagar

Occupational lung disease cases (teaching and SCE questions) - Ian Bittiner

Lung transplantation in ILD - Hannah Carlin 

Eosinophilic pneumonia - Annette Fisher

Interstitial pneumonia with autoimmune features - Cecilia Rafique

Disorders of the pleura and mediastinum

Mediastinal masses - Janice Higginson

Haemothorax - Matt Dickson

Pleural malignancy - Joe Kibbler

Empyema - Ian Bittiner

Empyema - David Wilkinson

Interesting pleural case - Umair Falak

Subcutaneous emphysema - Mohamed Awad

Pulmonary infections

A guide to Pulmonary Aspergillosis - Dr Caroline Baxter, Wythenshawe Hospital (Consultant led regional teaching)

Pulmonary Aspergillosis cases - Dr Caroline Baxter, Wythenshawe Hospital (Consultant led regional teaching)

PCP Case - Lewis Standing

PCP Case - Wei Hann Ong

ABPA Case - Tom Fretwell

Pulmonary aspergillus disease - Matt Dickson

NTM Case - Kishor Lekhak

TB presentation - Waseem Athar

TB PK - Deirdre Quigley

Mantoux testing, TB screening - Julie Campbell 

Bacterial pneumonia - Matt Dickson

Pneumonia - Shahrul Ramli

Cavitating lung lesion - Annette Fisher 

Fungal lung disease PK - Malvika Bhatnagar

Bronchiectasis - Professor Tony De Soyza (consultant led teaching) 

Journey through NTM - Ali Carter

Pulmonary vascular disease

PE case (with SCE questions) - Nick Lane

PH case - Umair Falak

EGPA case - Katie Burke

Pulmonary vein thrombosis - Umair Falak

Pulmonary Hypertension cases (with SCE questions) - Hannah Carlin 

Diffuse alveolar haemorrhage - Dan Mitchell 

Sleep-related breathing disorders and hypoventilation

Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome - Liz Robinson

NEAVS training day - Indications for Home Ventilation

NEAVS training day - NIV equipment

NEAVS training day - Cough assist

NEAVS training day - LTV patient as an admission

Sleep presentation - Umair Falak

Thoracic oncology

CT Guided Lung Biopsy - Matt Dickson

TNM Staging - Shahrul Ramli

Kaposi Sarcoma case study - Umair Falak

Lung cancer treatment - Professor Alastair Greystoke

Mediastinal Masses - Malvika Bhatnagar 

Osteosarcoma case - Wei Ong

Lung cancer screening - Hayley Elder


Recipient Age and Lung Transplantation - Kevin Conroy/Matt Dickson

Getting a Consultant Job - Tom Hartley

Ultrasound talk - Lewis Standing

Speech therapy intervention in chronic cough

Physiology PK - Malvika Bhatnagar

Pulmonary gas exchange and acid-base balance - John Gibson

Interpreting lung function tests - John Gibson

Sepsis/SIRS driven hypoxia/hypoxaemia - Matt Dickson

Connective tissue disease case study - Hannah Carlin

Management of refractory chronic cough - Dr Sean Parker (Consultant led regional teaching)

Chronic cough teaching 2023 - Dr Sean Parker (Consultant led regional teaching)

Heart disease in COPD - Dr John Steer (Consultant led regional teaching)

Smoking cessation for Lung cancer patients - Umair Falak

SCE Resources

Respiratory SCE Blueprint (2018)

Airways disease

COPD SCE questions - Nick Lane

Asthma SCE questions - Bea Downie

Asthma SCE questions (2022) - Annette Fisher

Cough SCE questions - Ranjeev Deerpalsing

Interstitial lung disease

ILD SCE Questions - Ian Forrest

Disorders of the pleura and mediastinum

Pneumothorax SCE Questions - Shahrul Ramli


Physiology SCE questions - Ian Bittiner

Physiology SCE questions - Hannah Carlin

Pulmonary infections

TB SCE Questions - Ruth Sobala

TB SCE Questions - Deirdre Quigley

TB SCE Questions (2022) - Wei Hann Ong

Pulmonary infection SCE Questions - Matt Dickson

Pulmonary infections SCE questions - Malvika Bhatnagar

TB/NTM SCE questions (2023) - Sudeep Shresta

Pulmonary vascular disease

PE/Sarcoid SCE Questions - John Simpson

PE SCE Questions - Hayley Ridley

PH/Transplant SCE Questions - Paul Corris

Massive Haemoptysis SCE Questions - Richard Davidson

Pulmonary Hypertension SCE Questions - Arun Prasad

Pulmonary Hypertension SCE questions - Kishor Lekhak

Sleep-related breathing disorders and hypoventilation

Sleep and Ventilation SCE Questions - Katie Burke

Thoracic oncology

Lung Cancer SCE Questions - Matt Dickson

Lung Cancer SCE questions - Wei Hann Ong

Lung cancer SCE questions (2023) - Annette Fisher

Lung Cancer SCE questions (2023) - Sudeep Shresta 


SCE questions (random) - Matt Dickson

SCE questions - physiology and lung function - Joe Kibbler

Lung Transplantation SCE questions - Richard Davidson

SCE questions (random)  - Ranjeev Deerpalsing

Occupational lung disease SCE questions - Hayley Mainmann

SCE questions (random) - Nick Lane

Miscellaneous SCE questions - Deirdre Quigley 

Smoking cessation SCE questions - David Wilkinson

Critical care SCE questions - Annette Fisher