Northern Foundation School: Meet the Team & Contact Us

Members of the Northern Foundation School team can be found below. To email someone in the team, simply click on the appropriate name.

If you have a general query that you can't find the answer to on our website, please email our generic inbox and somebody will reply to you as soon as possible:


Dr Jon Scott


Foundation School Director


0191 2754618


Nicola Whitelock


Foundation School Business Manager


0191 2754784


Kerry Ferguson


Foundation Programme Officer


0191 2754686     


Gillian Quinn


Office Administrator


0191 2754708


Lyn Brown


Office Administrator


0191 2754703


Angela Burton

Foundation Programme Director for Portfolio


Dr Rory Mackinnon               


Foundation Programme Director - GP in FP



Dr Gill Vance

Foundation Programme Director- Academic FP


Dr Jo Flowers


Foundation Programme Director - Doctors with Differing Needs



Dr Nicky Desira


Foundation Programme Director - Doctors with Differing Needs