Recruitment to Foundation Training


We are delighted that you are considering applying to work as an FP doctor within the Northern Foundation School.


Foundation Recruitment

Entry at F1 level each August is via the annual national FP applications process overseen by the UK Foundation Programme Office. Applicants must apply through the Oriel recruitment system.

Key Dates for August 2023 Foundation Recruitment

  • Registration opens on Oriel between 25th August - 7th September 2022
  • Applications open on Oriel from 7th September (09:00 BST) - 20th September (12:00 noon BST) 2022  Due to the Bank Holiday on Monday 19th September the decision has been made to extend the FP application window until 12 noon on 21st September 2022
  • National allocation is 9th March 2023
  • Match to programme results for primary list applicants is 13th April 2023

F2 Stand alone Recruitment 

There will be national F2 stand alone recruitment ran by the UKFPO. These posts are available for applicants who hold or are eligible for full registration with the General Medical Council (GMC). Stand-alone programmes provide an opportunity for overseas graduates who qualify with full registration to enter the training system in the UK. Doctors who are already working as part of a recognised two-year foundation programme are not eligible to apply for F2 Stand-alone posts. For further information please visit the UKFPO website.

If a F1 trainee's circumstances have changed and there are specific reasons as to why a current F1 trainee needs to transfer to a different programme for their F2 year, they may be eligible to apply for a transfer based on set criteria. Please refer to the Inter-Foundation School Transfer (IFST) guidance available on the UKFPO website. 


Further information on Foundation Recruitment in the Northern Foundation School

The Northern Foundation School honours linked applications however once both applicants are allocated to the foundation school then the link is broken. The link does not allocate you to a specific Local Education Providers or programme.

Approved special circumstances pre-allocate you to a Foundation School but not to a Local Education Providers or programme within the Foundation School so you should rank all of the programmes by the specified deadlines.

Reserve list applicants will be contacted via email on the day of allocation to the Foundation School with details of allocation to a programme.

For all recruitment enquiries, please email Foundation recruitment

Specialised Foundation Posts 

Entry for 2-Year Specialised FP posts in our region is also via the annual national FP applications process overseen by the  UK Foundation Programme Office. Applications for SFPs can only be made via the national Foundation Programme website and the applicants must apply through the Oriel recruitment system. The application window is the same as the application window for FP and applicants will be invited to express an interest in applying for SFP during completion of the national application on Oriel.

Applicants choosing to apply for SFP will need to submit separate applications (up to a maximum of two) in addition to their FP application form. Once the national application process has closed (on the 20th  September) the Northern Foundation School will begin their local recruitment processes to shortlist and interview applicants for SFPs.

Further information on the white space questions when applying for SFP

The Northern Foundation School requests that ALL of the white space questions on Oriel are answered. Please click here for a copy of the questions that are on Oriel.

Key Dates for August 2023 Specialised Foundation Programmes

  • Registration opens on Oriel between 25th August - 7th September 2022
  • Applications open on Oriel from 7th September (09:00 BST) - 20th September (12:00 noon BST) 2022
  • Interview dates are 6th/7th December 2022 via MS TEAMS.
  • Offers will be made on 11th January 2023 via the Oriel recruitment system. Candidates must accept or decline the offer on Oriel within 48 hours.
  • From 18th January 2023 cascading of any remaining SFP programmes offered.


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview which will be held on  6th/7th December 2022.  The interviews will be held virtually via MS TEAMS. Full details of the interview process and timings will be communicated to shortlisted applicants when they are invited to interview. There are no alternative interview dates.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to allow enough time to register, enrol and apply within the application window. The foundation school cannot be held responsible for those who miss a deadline if they have chosen to leave completing their FP/SFP application until the last minute. 


All SFP offers will be made in the Jan – Feb offer period.  Successful applicants will have the opportunity to accept/decline offers on Oriel by the stated deadlines.  Applicants applying for SFP who are not successful in obtaining an SFP offer by the close of SFP recruitment will automatically transfer to standard FP recruitment. Full details of the national application process and timeline, including the 2023 national person specification can be found on the UKFPO website.


Ranking your SFP Preferences

Please rank all of the programmes you wish to be considered for, in order of preference, under the "Preference" column by using the drag and drop function on Oriel. Any programmes you do not wish to be considered for should remain in the "Not Wanted" column. The more programmes you preference, the greater the likelihood of being offered a programme of your choice, if you are successful at interview. We recommend you rank as many of our SFP Posts as possible to increase your opportunity for a place, but this is entirely your choicePlease note: SFP preferences can now be altered after the 20th September 2022 application deadline up to 14th October (12.00 noon BST) 2022

For all recruitment enquiries, please email Foundation recruitment



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