Recruitment to Foundation Training


We are delighted that you are considering applying to work as an FP doctor within the Northern Foundation School.


Foundation Recruitment

Entry at F1 level each August is via the annual national FP applications process overseen by the UK Foundation Programme Office. Applicants must apply through the Oriel recruitment system.

Key Dates for FP 2021 Foundation Recruitment

A warm welcome to our allocated applicants for August 2021 start. The graph to show the range of scores for this year's entry can be found here.

  • Deadline to rank the foundation programmes on Oriel is 12 pm on 30th March. No late submissions will be accepted and if your preferences are not received then you will be allocated to a vacant post at random
  • Applicants will be informed of their match to programme on 8th April 2021.
  • From April 2021 the batch allocations will be ran.

F2 Stand alone Recruitment 

There will be national F2 stand alone recruitment ran by the UKFPO. These posts are available for applicants who hold or are eligible for full registration with the General Medical Council (GMC). Stand-alone programmes provide an opportunity for overseas graduates who qualify with full registration to enter the training system in the UK. Doctors who are already working as part of a recognised two-year foundation programme are not eligible to apply for F2 Stand-alone posts. The UKFPO guide can be found here

If a F1 trainee's circumstances have changed and there are specific reasons as to why a current F1 trainee needs to transfer to a different programme for their F2 year, they may be eligible to apply for a transfer based on set criteria. Please refer to the Inter-Foundation School Transfer (IFST) guidance available on the UKFPO website. 


Further information on foundation recruitment in the Northern Foundation School


The Northern Foundation School honours linked applications however once both applicants are allocated to the foundation school then the link is broken. The link does not allocate you to a specific Local Education Providers or programme.

Approved special circumstances pre-allocate you to a Foundation School but not to a Local Education Providers or programme within the Foundation School so you should rank all of the programmes by the specified deadlines.

Reserve list applicants will be contacted via email on the day of allocation to the Foundation School with details of allocation to a programme.

For all recruitment enquiries, please email Kerry Ferguson.

Academic Foundation Recruitment

Entry for 2-Year Academic FP posts in our region is also via the annual national FP applications process overseen by the  UK Foundation Programme Office. The individual job descriptions can be found below and applicants must apply through the Oriel recruitment system. 

F1 placement description
F2 placement description
Key Dates for 2020 Academic Foundation Recruitment has now closed
  • Academic vacancies are available to view on the Oriel recruitment system on 10th  August 2020.
  • Registration opens on Oriel on 12th October 2020
  • Applications open on Oriel from 19th October and close at 12 noon (BST) on 4th November 2020.
  • Candidates will be notified week commencing 23rd November whether they have been shortlisted.
  • Interview dates are Tuesday 8th and 9th December 2020.
  • Offers will be made on 13th January 2021 via the Oriel recruitment system. Candidates must accept or decline the offer on Oriel within 48 hours.
  • From 20th January 2021 cascading of any remaining AFP posts offered.
Further information on our local shortlisting and interview process

Applications for an academic foundation post at the Northern Foundation School will be assessed against the national person specification  and the five white  space questions that will be on the application form on Oriel. 

Candidates will be notified week commencing 18th  November whether they have been shortlisted. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview which will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday 17th and 18th December at St James' Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Full details of the interview process and timings will be communicated to shortlisted applicants when they are invited to interview (please refer to the national policy on claiming expenses to attend academic interviews which can be viewed here)

Telephone/video interviews may be arranged however it is strongly recommended that shortlisted applicants attend the interview in person. There are no alternative interview dates

For all recruitment enquiries, please email