Our Partner NHS Trusts

Our Partner NHS Trusts (Local Education Providers)

There are nine Acute Hospital NHS Trusts (also known as Local Education Providers) in the Northern Foundation School area who are the employers of our FP doctors. In addition, we work in collboration with Mental Health Trusts in the region for the provision of Psychiatry posts within the Foundation Programme. Please click here for a map of our region.

The attached table provides information about our partner Local Education Providers across a range of areas which previous applicants and FP doctors have told the Foundation School they would find useful to know. We update this information annually ahead of the national recruitment cycle each autumn.

For specific information about how FP Training is managed at each of our partner Local Education Providers, and to access job descriptions of current F1 and F2 jobs within these organisations, please visit the specific Local Education Providers page from the drop down list.