General Internal Medicine


Training Programme Director - Dr Colin Doig

Specialty Programme Co-ordinator - Laura West

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General (Internal) Medicine (G(I)M) is very extensive in the medical field, with lots of patients being cared for under this umbrella term. Examples included under this term are: adults admitted as emergencies with acute medical problems, patients who are young and fit with a severe acute illness, to elderly patients with multiple disorders. This shows the diverse range of experience and knowledge that can be gained from completing the G(I)M training programme.


However, most trainees with complete G(I)M along with another Specialty. G(I)M is a sub-specialty to the "ologies". Most higher trainees in G(I)M will elect for dual accreditation in their parent specialty and in G(I)M.  We follow the appropriate JRCPTB curriculum, and all new trainees are likely to be on the 2009 G(I)M (Amendment 2012) curriculum. Different parent specialties co-ordinate the G(I)M exposure in different ways. For some, it is by prescribed years within a District General setting; for others, the G(I)M experience will be taken across all five years of the typical training programme. All the acute hospitals within the Northern Region are accredited for G(I)M.


Trainees will undergo an annual ARCP process in G(I)M and their parent specialties. These will be run as separate processes. Typically, the G(I)M ARCP process takes place around 2nd/3rd week in May each year. Trainees will have a Penultimate Year Assessment (PYA) approximately 12-18 months before reaching their CCT date where any mandatory training is identified. Trainees will also have a separate PYA in their parent specialty. The overall training time for G(I)M when single accredited is 3 years.


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