2014 presentations


The links below will take you to audio presentations that have been recorded by trainers delivering GIM teaching sessions.  Trainees should view these and use to top up on teaching sessions missed, but the expectation will always be that trainees should attend in person. Trainees should provide reflection in the e-portfolio as evidence.  Should a trainee only have evidence of on-line modules, then they will be expected to attend all teaching sessions in the next year. This advice will be reviewed by the STC on a regular basis.

Trainer Topic
2014 January: Dr Baudouin Management of Severe Hypoxaemic Respiratory failure in Critical Care
2014 July: Dr S McPherson Decompensated Cirrhosis
2014 July: Dr N Thompson Nutrition
2014 July: Dr M Warren UC and Crohns
2014 September: Dr G Burns COPD NIV
2014 September: Dr G Jackson Haematology
2014 September: Dr I Forrest PE, Pneumothorax and IPF
2014 November : Dr J Hogg Delerium
2014 November : Dr E Vardy Dementia
2014 November : J Williams Pyrexia of Unknown Origin

Dr I Nesbitt
Management of Liver Failure
Dr M Warren GI Bleed
Dr A Dixit  Acute Stroke
Dr J Guadagno Paralysis for the General Physician
Dr N Barned  Diabetes
Dr S Pearce  Endocrinology
Dr A Brown  Hypertension
Dr I Forrest Haemoptysis


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