Emergency Medicine Leadership Programme

The EM Leaders Programme is an initiative by RCEM to develop the leadership skills of EM trainees and links into the new curriculum where one of the GMC general professional capabilities is leadership. The resources listed below are there to help guide trainees and support trainers supervising trainees.

EM Leadership Programme

The first place to start is the new curriculum:-

RCEM Curriculum

Start with the GPCs and then look at the SLOs as they relate to your stage of training.

Now move to the EM Leaders Framework.

EMLeaders Framework

Take some time to read through the introduction and initial sections (pages 2-6). This helps describe how to use the framework, especially when working with your supervisor.

There are links to the 9 eLearning modules on the e-Learning for Health website. These are an excellent self-assessment resource that you can complete and always return as needed. Please note, some of these modules are still in development.

There are also 3 summaries for each stage of training. These can be used as a guide and help plan your PDP.

The framework from page 7 is a more detailed breakdown of leadership skills and experience you may use as examples of your learning for your portfolio.

EMLeaders Programme 

Community of Practice 

EM Leaders Framework 

National Faculty 

EMLeaders eModules 



Further Resources

There is a vast array of leadership resources some of which there are links to below.

HEENE Leadership

This site has a large range of funded courses we would encourage you to consider applying for, as well as links to many additional resources. Some are designed for core skills but others are designed to give those with a leadership interest as chance to further develop their skills and knowledge.


HEENE Learner Support and Faculty Development


Courses: This site has a diverse range of resources ranging from leadership, teaching, professionalism, resilience and wellbeing. It includes a booking link (embedded the link ‘here’) to workshops relevant to your leadership learning.


e-Learning for Health LeAD, Leadership for Clinicians


In addition to the EM Leaders modules this is an excellent e-LfH resource. Developed jointly by Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the Leadership Academy and the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. You can follow the full programme or just dip into individual modules in the e-LfH catalogue.

In the catalogue look for the two headings:

  • Leadership for Clinicians: Clinical Leadership (CLE)
  • Leadership for Clinicians: Medical Leadership (MLE)