Leadership Opportunities

We are pleased to offer a selection of learning opportunities including formal programmes, short courses, fellowships, international travel as well as a range of links and resources. Applications have now closed for our most recent leadership qualifications. We continue to offer a wide range of stand alone leadership workshops which are advertised on FAST to develop your individual leadership skills.

We do have some short podcasts explaining what it is like to undertake a degree apprenticeship from the perspective of a trainee and answering some frequently asked questions about the programme.

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If you require any further information or advice please contact us at EducationSupport.NE@hee.nhs.uk

Leadership Learning

Here at Health Education England working across the North East and North Cumbria we aim to facilitate all doctors in training to reach their full potential in all areas, including the generic professional skill of leadership.

NHS Improvements 'Developing People - Improving Care' (2016) has highlighted the link between leadership and quality improvement and recommended compassion and inclusivity in clinical leadership, encouraging leadership training for all as a core skill.

With the publication of the GMC's 'Generic Professional Capabilities' (2017), the leadership capabilities that are common to all doctors across all specialties have been described, with the exception that these leadership capabilities will be embedded in all curricula.

Health Education England's strategy 'Leadership Development for Doctors in Postgraduate Medical Training' (2017) sees clinical leadership as a responsibility of all doctors and our leadership strategy for doctors in postgraduate training aims to position leadership and management in the mainstream.

We aim to support all our doctors in training in their personal leadership journey, delivering a tiered learning approach, working towards independent practice.



Our events range offers learning at every stage of your training.  It includes short workshops, formal programmes and qualifications which we have aligned to our Pyramid of Learning to ensure we offer leadeership and management opportunities from introductorry through to Masters level.

Note: for HEE e-learning and videos please register with e-LFH

Level 4: Elizabeth Garret Anderson Programme - NELA

Level 2: HLA Leadership Programme - HLA

Level 2: Mary Seacole Programme - NELA

Level 2: Leadership in Practice - Core Programme -     21-22/09/2020   13-14/01/2021

Level 2: Leadership and Management Programme (LAMP) -   28-30/09/2020     

Level 2:  Leadership in Practice - Dealing with Change at Work - Techniques and Tips - 05/11/2020

Level 2: Leadership in Practice - Compassionate Leadership  -   07/12/2020

Level 2: Leadership in Practice -Being Your Best Self - Building Resilience in Self and Others  - 15/06/2020

Level 2: Leadership in Practice - Communicating Well Under Pressure  - 10/09/2020

Level 1: Edward Jenner Programme - HEE E-Learning 

Level 1: Edward Jenner Programme - NELA

Level 1: Future Focused Finance HEE E-Learning

Level 1: Management and Leadership Skills -  HEE E-Learning



Essential tools for the job: why physicians need to improve medical leadership and management

Given the current workforce and financial issues facing the NHS, should physicians just concentrate on seeing as many patients as they can, as quickly as they can? Professor Namita Kumar says perhaps not.


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