STC Chair Mr Andrew Goodwin James Cook University Hospital
Training Programme Director Mr Jonathan Ferguson James Cook University Hospital
Specialty Business Manager Julie Khan HEE NE, Waterfront 4
School Manager Nicola Robinson HEE NE, Waterfront 4
LET HR Officer  Steven Callender HEE NE, Waterfront 4
Specialty Co-ordinator Trudie Heron HEE NE, Waterfront 4
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Cardiothoracic Surgery



Why train at HENE?

The School of Radiology at Health Education North East is unique in having the only validated electronic case archive for radiology training in the UK: MacLab.

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Academic Training

We offer one of the most successful academic programmes in the UK, working with top class scientists in a fantastic and supportive research environment.


Radiology Rotations

Please see our rotation planning procedure which details how trainees are placed across the region.