MADE (Medical and Dental Education)



An innovative and attractive approach to display, promote and access training opportunities for the region's trainees and trainers.  This has become known as "Pyramids of HEE NE"

The underlying principles of the approach are

  • To show the added value of being a trainee or trainer in the region
  • To be able to access high quality courses locally
  • To use local expertise when possible to ensure training is relevant to our region
  • For the courses to be low cost or free
  • For all trainees and trainers to be able to access the introductory level courses and to pick further streams depending on interest, need and aptitude
  • To highlight and promote these streams of self-development outside of clinical practice:
    • Teaching and Training
    • Leadership
    • Research / Academic practice
    • Professionalism
  • To improve our course booking system by a direct link from advertised courses to the booking process
  • To be responsive and able to add new courses to the pyramid with time and need as identified by national agendas, DMT, HoS, TPD’s and trainees.

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