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The Trainee Executive Forum provides an opportunity for specialty and foundation medical and dental trainees in the North East and North Cumbria to offer feedback or ideas and raise any concerns regarding the quality of their education and training.

It is a group chaired and run by trainees, with a direct link to the Postgraduate Dean. Trainee representatives are self-nominated and/or elected from within their School/Directorate, and represent the views of all trainees, not exclusive to their own specialty/programme. 

Its purpose is to increased involvement of trainees in the development of strategies and processes and to help HEENE consider the impact of those strategies on training to enhance recruitment, retention and the overall experience of trainees in our region. The Terms of Reference for the group can be found here.

There are also additional trainee representatives opportunities to get involved in other committees.

Meeting Arrangements

The TEF meets quarterly at usually at HEENE Headquarters, Waterfront 4, Newburn Riverside, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE15 8NY, but future meetings will be a mixture of both MS teams/inperson option.

Dates of future meetings

Thursday, 24th September 2020

0930-1130 by MSTeams


Contact Information

For more information or if you would like to join the Trainee Executive Forum, please email us at

If TEF members would like to add an agenda item to a TEF meeting, requests should also be emailed to this address. 

To get in contact with a specific TEF representative to highlight any training issues, please email with the name of the representative and we will put you in contact. This list of representatives will be updated over time, and is not a comprehensive list of all TEF members, but those who have given permission for their names to be shared. 

Please note, TEF members represent ALL trainees, not only trainees within their specialty/training programme.





Ishaana Munjal

Radiology ST2

Krishna Kishore Dogiparthi

Emergency Medicine ST3

Hayley Coleman

Public Health ST3

Heba Saeed

Psychiatry CT1

Ben Shillitoe

Paediatrics ST6

Priya Shekar

Anaesthetics ST4

Chikita Jhowry

Paediatrics ST5

Wissam Ahmed

Core Medical Trainee CT2

Sunil Bhopal

Paediatrics ST5

Patronella O’Neill

Foundation Trainee F2

Monika Wassermann

Obstetrics and Gynaecology ST3

Kristine Smith

Foundation Trainee F2

Laura Jones

ACCS Acute Med CT1

Abisola Asuni

Restorative Dentistry ST3

Cara Hall

Emergency Medicine ST5

Matt Tuck

ACCS Anaesthetics CT3

Noel Renton

Emergency Medicine ST5

Tricia Walker

T&O ST6/ Management Fellow

Matt Gray

T&O ST4/ Management Fellow

Paddy Williams

T&O ST7/ Management Fellow