Trainee Executive Forum


Trainee Executive Forum


The Trainee Executive Forum (TEF) provides an opportunity for all trainees in the North East and North Cumbria to offer feedback, ideas and raise any concerns regarding the quality of their education and training.

The TEF’s purpose is to make the North East the best place to train. It is chaired and run by trainees in direct contact with the Postgraduate Dean. Trainee representatives are self-nominated or elected from within their School/Directorate to represent the views of all trainees.

The TEF helps HEENE develop ways to enhance recruitment and retention, ultimately improving the overall experience of trainees in our region. Getting involved is a springboard to other exciting opportunities on other committees.

The Terms of Reference for the group can be found here.

Meeting Arrangements

The TEF meets quarterly usually at HEENE Headquarters, Waterfront 4, Newcastle, NE15 8NY.

Due to curent circumstance future meetings will be on Microsoft Teams until further notice.

Dates of future meetings


Friday 14th May 2021   

Thursday 9th September 2021         

Friday 25th November 2021             


   Meetings via MS Teams  Timings: 09:00 - 12:30

Contact Information

If you would like to join the Trainee Executive Forum or to add an agenda item to the next TEF meeting, please email us at

To get in contact with a specific TEF representative to highlight any training issues, please email with the name of the representative and we will put you in contact. The TEF members represent ALL trainees, not only trainees within their specialty/training programme.

The Leadership Fellows are happy to be your first port of call for any TEF or regional enquiries:

Matt Gray 

Mark McMullan

Justin Green

Alex Dearden  

Greg Stamp