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A very warm welcome to the Northern Foundation School


About the Northern Foundation School 

Here in the North East and Cumbria we are committed to providing the very best care we can for our patients. This goes hand in hand with training our doctors of today and tomorrow. At the Northern Foundation School (NFS) we want you to be the very best that you can be and we will do our best to help, support and guide you. For an overview of how FP Training is managed in NFS please view our information document.
The North East and North Cumbria are top of the class for postgraduate medical training once again, the 2018 survey of junior doctors has revealed. (For a full breakdown of this year's excellent results comparative to all other Foundation Schools please follow this link ) As you will see from the data in the GMC NTS survey, this is very encouraging feedback, based entirely upon your predecessors feedback, and I hope demonstrates our commitment to ensuring your time within the Northern Foundation School is supportive and productive.
The graph shows the range of total scores achieved by applicants allocated to Northern Foundation School in the primary allocation for August 2018 allocation.
We have 380 FP posts for August 2019 recruitment and the indicative programmes can be viewed here. Please note that these posts are indicative and are to give you an idea of the rotations available in our Trusts, posts will be confirmed ahead of the allocation in March.


What is Foundation Programme Training?

The Foundation Programme (FP) is a two year generic training programme which forms the bridge between medical school and Specialty/General Practice Training. During FP, trainees have the opportunity to gain experience in a series of placements in a variety of specialties and healthcare settings.

FP is a UK-wide initiative with a national FP Curriculum and Portfolio. FP training is overseen by the UK Foundation Programme Office whose website is a useful resource, including for all national FP documentation. FP Training is managed and delivered through Foundation Schools which are established across the UK.

Message from Northern Foundation School Director, Dr Jon Scott

“As Northern Foundation School Director it is my responsibility to ensure that each individual 2 year Foundation training programme is attractive, of proven high quality and of sufficient variety and depth to enable each trainee to maximise and develop their inherent talents, whilst gaining new skills and knowledge through continuing personal and professional development. The Foundation School promotes and assures these objectives through very close working relationships with the UK Foundation Programme Office, Medical Schools, each of our partner Trusts (or Local Education Providers), and Speciality/GP training schools.

Prior to taking on the role of Foundation School Director in 2013 I worked as Foundation Programme Tutor for 7 years in one of our local Trusts. I therefore understand the practicalities and intricacies of the Foundation Programme and what details are important to prospective applicants and to trainees already within the School. You can be reassured that I will work tirelessly to ensure that your experience within Foundation Programme is as rewarding as possible so that you are fully equipped to be a professional, empathetic, patient-centred doctor who is suitably prepared for whatever your future career holds”

Supporting policies and documentation for our Trainees and Trusts

All our policies can be found here. Also the School has recently developed an electronic 'Doctors with Differing Needs' form which should be available soon, in the mean time please email Dr Andy Davies


Contacting us

If you are a potential or current FP trainee or part of our region's FP faculty, we hope that you find everything you need through browsing our website. Please, however, feel free to contact the Foundation School team by email or telephone.








Policies for Current Trainees and Faculty

Access essential information on how FP Training is managed within the Northern Foundation School.


Visit our Recruitment website to discover all the key information you need to apply for FP Training in our region


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