Regional Teaching


Regional IM Teaching Day Programme

Regional teaching will be jointly run with CMT whilst there are two programmes running.

The IM Regional Teaching Days for 2021/22 have been set and are as follows:-

IM Regional Teaching PMs via Teams Channel


  •      IMY 2 and 3: 25 August 21 ITU
  •      IMY 1-3: 23 September 21
  •      IMY 1-3: 25 November 21 QI Event
  •      IMY 1-3: 18 January 2022
  •      IMY 1-3: 24 March 2022
  •      IMY 1-3: 26 April 2022
  •      IMY 1-3: 16 June 2022  

There will also be IMY3 only teaching afternoons (2 – 5pm):

IMY3 Regional Teaching via Teams Channel

  • 14 October 21
  • 7 December 21
  • 8 February 2022
  • 17 May 2022

Please remember to discuss attendance at the teaching with your clinical/educational supervisors and to make sure you apply for study leave, with at least 8 weeks notice, to attend following the HEE NE study leave policy/process.  Trainees should maintain a teaching attendance log for their personal library.

Information for Current Trainees

Access essential information on regulations, study leave, certification, assessment and the curriculum.

Information for trainers and educators

Development and guidance on becoming a trainer, standards for trainers, essential documentation for clinical and educational supervision including guidance for GP trainers,  Trust and out-of-hours supervisors, plus news about the latest courses and conferences.


Potential Applicant

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