As a specialty trainee you will be required to participate in the annual assessment (ARCP) process as outlined in the Gold Guide.

You will be notified in advance with the confirmed date for submission of evidence along with specific time for your review by your PSO.

Global Objectives

Checklists - we have developed checklists to assist you in submitting the correct evidence.

ST6 Penultimate Year Checklist

Evidence should be collected as you progress throughout your training year and not left to the last few weeks prior to your ARPC.

Please note that a failure to record evidence in your e-portfolio, or failure to submit your documentation on time may result in an unsatisfactory outcome being awarded.

Submission of Documentation

When submitting information to us such as Form Rs, ARCP documentation, etc, due to the volume of email traffic, we regret we are unable to acknowledge receipt of the many emails/documents sent through to us.  Instead, we would ask that trainees retain their "sent" emails relating to any important communication so that in the event of a query relating to non-submission of a document, the trainee is able to provide a copy of the "sent" email plus any attachments as evidence.  This will be accepted by HEE (NE) as proof of submission. 

Information for Current Trainees

Access essential information on regulations, study leave, certification, assessment and the curriculum.

Information for trainers and educators

Development and guidance on becoming a trainer, standards for trainers, essential documentation for clinical and educational supervision including guidance for GP trainers,  Trust and out-of-hours supervisors, plus news about the latest courses and conferences.


Potential Applicant

Visit our Recruitment website to find out what it's like to be a GP trainee in the north east and north Cumbria.