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Professional Support & Wellbeing (PSW)

The Professional Support & Wellbeing Unit (PSWU) has been established to provide advice to training programmes and support for doctors and dentists in training working across the North East and North Cumbria experiencing difficulty which is affecting their ability to train. Consultants, other locally employed doctors or dentists should be managed through their employer structures. Please see our supporting documents and policies regarding the PSWU below: 

Referral to Education Support Form

Educational Support Coaching Information

Process for Accessing PSW Coaching Support

Doctors and Dentists (in training) with differing needs guidance

SOP PSW Neurodiversity Support Referral

The core principles of the PSWU are:

  1. To support Postgraduate Doctors to maximise their professional progression by providing them with the right support and right strategies at the right time to assist them to succeed in their training
  2. To provide advice to educational leads
  3. To promote early identification of Postgraduate Doctors requiring additional support to progress in their training
  4. To develop a network of experienced individuals who can deal with specific issues and identify alternative resources
  5. To ensure a responsible use of funding and resources
  6. To support Postgraduate Doctors during the process of leaving a training programme in the rare event that support and remediation are unsuccessful
  7. To facilitate equal access to educational support

The Professional Support & Wellbeing Service consists of two main elements:

1. Occupational Health including specialist psychotherapy services

The occupational health service is available to doctors and dentists in training employed by the Lead Employer Trust (LET).  Further information is available here: 

2. Educational Support Service

This service is available to all doctors and dentists in training who meet the referral threshold.  The service provides access to confidential coaching, advice and education support in a wide range of areas including; confidence and decision making, personal effectiveness including prioritisation and delegation and communication skills.

To enable the Education Support Service to provide the most appropriate support for the Postgraduate Doctor or Dentist, working alongside the School support structures, referral forms must be completed in liaison with the Postgraduate Doctor or Dentist. This is to ensure a mutual understanding of the reasons for the referral, actions already in place and support requested.

There is no self-referral process but Postgraduate Doctors or Dentists may choose to access confidential coaching outside the Educational Support service via Coachnet  

PSW Request Referral Flowchart

PSW Neurodiversity Support Referral Flowchart


Support for Doctors

If you or a colleague is looking for support there are a range of organisations, services and websites which can offer help.

For information visit: 

 Academy of Medical Royal Colleges 

Also see the blog below for the rational for the support.

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