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Courses and Faculty training

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Regional teaching

Please find below a timetable outlining the regional Rheumatology teaching dates

Date Trust/Venue Subject

28th January 2020

Lecture Theatre, Education Centre, SRH

09:00 - Registration

09:15 - Anatomy of the should/Ultasound demonstration by Dr David Wright and Mr Andrew Smith

Learning Objectives

Refresh knowledge on the surface anatomical features of the shoulder girdle

Understand the clinical signs associated with inflammation or structural damage of joints & periarticular structures (muscles, tendons, entheses, bursae and bone)

Be able to identify: rotator cuff lesions, glenohumeral/capsular pathology, muscle wasting, proximal myopathy (deltoid), S/C joint pathology, A/C joint pathology.


10:15 - Examination, Surgery and exercises for shoulder by Mr Yusuf Michla and Mrs Debbie Watson

Learning Objectives

Refresh knowledge on the normal range of movement (active and passive) of the shoulder

Understand the actions of major muscle/tendons acting on these

Know the roles of other clinical specialties and their limitations, more specifically understanding the role of the surgeon in management of shoulder problems

Know the role of multidisciplinary management in rheumatological disorders, more specifically understanding the role of the physiotherapist in management of shoulder problems.


11:15 - Coffee break

11:30 - Relapsing polychondritis - Case discussions by Dr Olwyn Jones and Dr Omar Mohammed

Learning Objectives

Develop further understanding of the patient with an inflammatory multi-system disorder/autoimmune connective tissue disorder.

Relationships with the patient and patient education.


12:30 End

11th February 2020


9:00 - Arrival & Refreshments

09:30 - Gait analysis, foot and ankle team - Jayasree Ramaskandhan

10:30 - Tea & Coffee

11:00 - Innate and adaptive immute systems, including cellular and humoral immunity - Professor Isaacs

12:00 - Shoulder Radiology - Dr Geoff Hide


28th April 2020 (AM Session)

Room 6 & 7, Education Centre, North Tyneside General Hospital, NE29 8NH

 Teaching will start at 9am

  1. Complex regional pain syndrome
  2. Infection and arthritis (NB not septic arthritis, mycobacterial or fungal arthropathies) – osteomyelitis, Rheumatic fever, lyme, viral arthritis, Hep C.
  3. Indications, principles and complications of joint arthrodesis or replacement

19th May 2020


  1. Sarcoidosis
  2. HSP
  3. Foot and ankle anatomy and examination

16th June 2020


  1. Opportunistic infection in the immunocompromised
  2. The consultant contract/job planning etc
  3. Foot and ankle surgery

2020 - 2021

21st July 2020


09:00-09:30         Arrival & refreshments

09:30-10:15        GCA and PMR – Dr Gary Reynolds

10:15-10:45        PAN – Dr Jonathan Heaney

10:45-11:10         Tea & Coffee

11:10-11:45        Role of biologics nurse – CNS Karl Nicholl

11th August 2020


09:15 - 10:15             Foot and ankle radiology (Dr Kadhim, Consultant Radiologist)

10:15 - 10:30             Coffee break

10:30 – 11:15            Podiatry for the rheumatologist (Mr Kennair, Podiatrist)

11:15 – 12:15            Renal manifestations of CTD (Dr Srivastava, Consultant Nephrologist)

15th September 2020


1. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

2. Consultant interview preparation.

20th October 2020


  1. Team working and leadership skills
  2. Dealing with complaints
  3. Surgery for the hand and wrist

24th  November 2020


Learning Objectives

  1. RA – focus on extra-articular manifestations and complications (amyloid, septic arthritis and cervical myelopathy)
  2. Pharmacology of immune targeted therapies (analgesia, NSAIDs, DMARDs, biologics, gout therapies, glucocorticoids, metabolic bone treatments)
  3. Joint injections (models)


09:00-09:30       Catch up and housekeeping with virtual coffee

09:30-10:30       Six Presentations of Sarcoidosis – Dr Saravanan

10:30-10:40       Break

10:40-11:15       Pharmacokinetics in Rheumatology

11:15-12:00       Systemic Pathology in Rheumatoid



19th January 2021


  1. Renal bone disease
  2. Lupus nephritis
  3. Role of specialist rheumatology nurse

16th February 2021


  1. Scleroderma – include focus on lung involvement, renal crisis and GI involvement
  2. Nail fold capillaroscopy and thermography
  3. Role of CTD nurse

Tuesday 9th February 2021

09:15 – 10:15 Systemic sclerosis with a focus on management of different disease manifestations – Josie Vila
Outcome: Update on current Systemic Sclerosis EULAR guidelines, current local practice and case reports.

Break 10:15-10:30

10:30-11:15  Nail fold capillaroscopy and thermography – Audrey Macdonald
Outcome: An understanding of the role of thermography and nail fold capilleroscopy in investigating Raynaud's and diagnosing CTD

11:15 – 11:45 Role of CTD nurse – Karen Walker
Outcome: Update on CTD nurse role with a focus on chemotherapy administration including managing side effects , fertility and psychological effects in young patients

11:45-12:30 Autoimmune connective tissue disease associated Interstitial lung disease – Josie Vila
Outcome: Update of current local practice in management of CTD-ILD and RA-ILD as part of a multidisciplinary team with case reports.

20th April 2021


  1. Knee anatomy and examination
  2. Cryoglobulinaemia
  3. Physiotherapy (include MSK neck and back pain, and soft tissue rheumatism – enthesitis, bursitis, rotator cuff issues)

18th May 2021


  1. Completing medical certificated/writing reports for insurance purposes/DVLA etc
  2. Takayasu’s arteritis
  3. Occupational therapy

15th June 2021


  1. Medical ethics – focus on approval processes for research, consent, capacity, confidentiality, Caldicott
  2. Role of research nurse
  3. Metabolic disorders (e.g. haemochromatosis, alkaptonuria) and heritable collagen disorders

2021 - 2022

20th July 2021


  1. Hand and wrist anatomy and examination
  2. Sjogrens
  3. Miscellaneous radiology (CT – when to use contrast/PET-CT/MRA/CTA/bone scan/what do radiologists wish we knew?)

21st September 2021


  1. Crystal arthropathies – including rarer (apatite and oxalate) and interpreting synovial fluid results
  2. Guideline development and review
  3. Indications, principles and complications of spinal decompression and nerve root decompression

19th October 2021


  1. ndocrine disorders, affecting bone, joint and muscle
  2. Research – funding and design, not statistics
  3. Foot and ankle radiology

16th November 2021


  1. Mycobacterial and fungal arthropathies
  2. Role of the CCDC and notifiable disease, and prevention of infection in high risk groups
  3. Podiatry

18th January 2022


  1. HLA B27, and associated disorders including AS, SAPHO, Enteropathic arthritis and Whipples.
  2. NHS structure and how to set up/improve NHS services
  3. Appliances (e.g. epicondylar clasps/splints)

15th February 2022


  1. SLE and APLS, including crises. Not including lupus nephritis.
  2. CNS manifestations of SLE
  3. Imflammatory muscle disease

19th April 2022


  1. Primary and secondary neoplastic conditions of connective tissue and bone
  2. Regional bone disorders including Pagets, HPOA, osteonecrosis, osteochondritis, Perthe’s disease
  3. Hand and wrist radiology

17th May 2022


  1. FMF and Sweets syndrome – brief overview
  2. Alternative practitioners (chiropracters, osteopaths and acupuncturists) and evaluate the available evidence base
  3. OA and DISH

21st June 2022


  1. Eosinophilic fasciitis
  2. ANCA positive vasculitides
  3. Paraneoplastic MSK syndromes

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