Courses, Teaching and Faculty Training

Courses and Faculty training

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Regional teaching

Please find below a timetable outlining the regional Rheumatology teaching dates


21st September 2021


  1. Crystal arthropathies – including rarer (apatite and oxalate) and interpreting synovial fluid results
  2. Guideline development and review
  3. Indications, principles and complications of spinal decompression and nerve root decompression

19th October 2021


  1. ndocrine disorders, affecting bone, joint and muscle
  2. Research – funding and design, not statistics
  3. Foot and ankle radiology

16th November 2021


  1. Mycobacterial and fungal arthropathies
  2. Role of the CCDC and notifiable disease, and prevention of infection in high risk groups
  3. Podiatry

18th January 2022


  1. HLA B27, and associated disorders including AS, SAPHO, Enteropathic arthritis and Whipples.
  2. NHS structure and how to set up/improve NHS services
  3. Appliances (e.g. epicondylar clasps/splints)

15th February 2022


  1. SLE and APLS, including crises. Not including lupus nephritis.
  2. CNS manifestations of SLE
  3. Imflammatory muscle disease

19th April 2022


  1. Primary and secondary neoplastic conditions of connective tissue and bone
  2. Regional bone disorders including Pagets, HPOA, osteonecrosis, osteochondritis, Perthe’s disease
  3. Hand and wrist radiology

17th May 2022


  1. FMF and Sweets syndrome – brief overview
  2. Alternative practitioners (chiropracters, osteopaths and acupuncturists) and evaluate the available evidence base
  3. OA and DISH

21st June 2022


  1. Eosinophilic fasciitis
  2. ANCA positive vasculitides
  3. Paraneoplastic MSK syndromes

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