Medicine and Dentistry are popular career choices for a variety of reasons.  Many are attracted by the opportunity to be directly involved in patient care, as well as making visible differences to patient wellbeing.  It is important, however, to consider your motivation for applying to Medicine or Dentistry.  Admissions interviewers for both subjects at University often quote the following as the most used and least effective reasons for applying to them:

  • ‘I want to help people’
  • ‘I am good at science and want a scientific career’
  • ‘I am academically bright and the subject was suggested to me’

When choosing either of these careers, you need to consider what you mean by ‘helping people’ and ‘science.’  Effective career choices are based on a realistic appraisal of your skills, experience and interest as well as knowledge of the job itself.  You may wish to try some of the exercises on this website around "choosing careers". Try and spend some time shadowing a dentist, GP, hospital consultant or indeed a medical/dental student to find out what it is like.  This will ensure that you are choosing for the right reason, and will give much more impact to your personal statement.

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