Careers - How do I make it happen?


Now that you have considered the most important criteria for your personal and professional life and have found a specific training position that most closely matches your criteria, the third step in managing your career is to plan how you are going to market yourself for that position.

Regardless of the recruitment process, employers are looking for applicants to demonstrate why they are applying for the position and why they are well suited for the role.  If you have already spent a considerable amount of time considering your priorities, are clear in identifying and articulating your skills and feel confident that you are indeed applying for the right position you are in a good place to begin marketing yourself.

When marketing yourself for any training post, ensure that you can demonstrate:

  • That you are able to perform in the post (i.e. give specific examples of your skills or demonstrate the appropriate skills and attributes in assessment centres)
  • Why you want that post or specialty (i.e. demonstrate the level of understanding you have about the post which might include prior experience or research)
  • That you fully understand the organisation (i.e. demonstrating an understanding of issues like clinical governance, best practise, ethics, professional integrity, etc.)

Recruitment and selection will vary depending on what you are applying for. Use the links below to learn more about each stage of training.