Review your list of examples which map to the person specification.  You might have used some for the application form, but you should have some unused examples as well.  Think carefully about all of the situations: What process did you go through? Could there have been alternative ways to reach the same result?  How did you grow from the experience? Why was this situation significant to you?  Does the situation highlight any additional skills that you would like to communicate to an interview panel?

A structured interview means that there will be a set of standard questions that they will ask every applicant. There may or may not be follow-up questions but do not expect the panel to ask more about the examples you provide.  With this in mind, you need to ensure that you can give a full illustration that shows your self-awareness.  Just as you would in an application form, use STAR to provide complete answers.


  • Put the situation in context: briefly describe the situation so that the example can be clearly understood
  • Go into more detail: when, where, how many, how often etc
  • State what action you actually took – what was your contribution?
  • Describe the outcome – what were the positive/learning points?  How did you reflect on the situation?

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