The Lead Employer Trust (LET)  team itself is a dedicated group of talented and friendly HR professionals and support staff that are available to ensure that your employment whilst training runs as smoothly as possible.

The LET has a dedicated Helpdesk to assist you with your queries. You can contact the Helpdesk on 0191 275 4782 or at

Each specialty has a designated HR Officer, HR Assistant and Payroll Officer.

HR Officers provide generalist HR advice to trainees and stakeholders in relation to terms and conditions of service, employment law, good employment practice, immigration and HR policies and procedures. HR Officers work closely with Training Programme Directors with regards to the operational practicalities of trainees rotating within their training programme. HR Officers also attend Trust inductions, Specialty Training Committees, School Boards and ARCP panels to provide HR advice and guidance.

HR Assistants support the HR Officers in their role to ensure a complete and timely service. HR Assistants are responsible for ensuring all pre-employment and return to work checks are completed, DBS checks and GMC/GDC registrations are renewed in a timely manner, maintaining employment records and assisting with assessment centres.

Payroll Officers process payments to all junior doctors on a training programme with Health Education England in the North East and North Cumbria. This includes salary, maternity pay, enhancements, etc. They also deal with all payroll-related queries in relation to trainee doctors and dentists.

In addition, we also have Expenses Officers who process all travel expenses claims and provide advice on the process, and a Recharge Officer who liaises directly with Trusts regarding funding and are also responsible for recovering salaries paid via Payroll.

LET Management

Name Job Tel
Linsey Richards Head of Human Resources 0191 275 4733
Laura Sams Deputy Head of Human Resources 0191 275 4768
Dorothy Gibas Personal Assistant 0191 275 4755


Human Resources

Name Job Tel
Laura Dodds Human Resources Manager 0191 275 4662
Louise Wymer Senior Human Resources Officer - Employment 0191 275 4699
Leanne Lowe Senior Human Resources Officer - Recruitment 0191 275 4769
Hannah Armstrong Human Resources Officer 0191 275 4656
Allyson Ashwell Human Resources Officer 0191 275 4753
Katie Wood Human Resources Officer 0191 275 4652
Allison Hutchinson Human Resources Officer 0191 275 4622
Steven Callender Human Resources Officer 0191 275 4751
Amber Towers Human Resources Officer 0191 275 4680
Jonathan Armstrong Human Resources Assistant 0191 275 4765
Adam Booth Human Resources Assistant 0191 275 4733
Joanna Brown Human Resources Assistant 0191 275 4764
Linda Maxwell Human Resources Assistant 0191 275 4757
Laura Ward Human Resources Assistant 0191 275 4663
Scott Hunter Human Resources Administrator (GP) 0191 275 4760



Name Job Tel
Wendy Burney Payroll Manager 0191 210 6473
Jackie Allman Senior Payroll Officer 0191 275 4763
Carol Bain Payroll Officer 0191 275 4781
Gillian Barker Payroll Officer 0191 275 4770
Peter Christodoulou Payroll Officer 0191 275 4657
Paula Peacock Payroll Officer 0191 275 4727
Emma Iveson Payroll Assitant 0191 275 4758
Erin Welford Expenses Clerk 0191 275 4782



Name Job Tel
Natascha Bonnar Recharge Manager 0191 275 4783
Helen Ross Recharge Officer 0191 275 4762