Committee Membership


This Committee includes representation from each Specialty within the School of Medicine including CMT and ACCS (Medicine).  It is concerned with the smooth running and administration of specialty programmes.

This Committee meets three times per annum.

Committee Membership:

Role Name
Head of School (Chair) Dawn Ashley
Acute Medicine TPD Chris Gibbins
Cardiology TPD Jeet Thambyrajah
Clinical Genetics TPD Alex Henderson
Clinical Oncology TPD Emma Lethbridge / Alexander Bradshaw
Clinical Neurophysiology Ming Lai
Clinical Pharmacology TPD Simon Hill
Core Medical Training TPD  Jane Wallace / Anita Jones
CMT Trainee Representative Fay Hill
Dermatology TPD Suzy Leech
Diabetes & Endocrinology TPD Srikanth Mada
Deputy Head of School Simon Panter
G.U. Medicine TPD Stephen Bushby
Gastroenterology TPD Roisin Bevan
General (Internal) Medicine TPD Colin Doig
Geriatrics TPD Emily Lyon / Richard Telford
Haematology TPD Annette Nicole
Higher Trainee Rep Carina Dowson
Higher Trainee Rep Bea Downie
Immunology TPD Helen Bourne
Infectious Diseases TPD Nikhil Premchand
Medcial Oncology TPD Mark Verrill
Neurology TPD Adam Cassidy
Occupational Medicine TPD (Acting) Bill Fraser
Paediatric Cardiology TPD Zdenka Reinhardt
Palliative Medicine TPD Jennifer Vidrine
Rehabilitation Medicine TPD Elizabeth Davies / Laura Graham
Renal Medicine TPD Iain Moore
Respiratory Medicine TPD Ian Forrest
Rheumatology TPD Iain Goff
Sport and Exercise Medicine TPD Ian Blain
Regional Adviser (Training) Simon Panter
QM Lead Arutchelvam Vijayaraman
School Manager Steve Hamnett
Specialty Programme Coordinator Joanne O'Brien
Specialty Programme Coordinator Laura West
Specialty Programme Coordinator Gillian Conway
Specialty Programme Coordinator Nicola Robinson
Specialty Programme Coordinator David Roxborough
HR Officer (LET) Jenny Lear, Nicola Morton, Steven Callender


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