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GMC National Trainee Survey Results

The GMC National Training Surveys are organised and managed by the GMC and are facilitated by Deaneries and NHS England Workforce, Training and Education local offices throughout the UK.

The Trainee Survey has been running annually since 2007 and now forms part of the evidence base for the GMC’s Quality Improvement Framework and provides a snapshot of trainee opinions and views of the training posts and programmes in each NHSE WTE local office. The local office uses the responses from the surveys to identify areas of concern to be investigated or areas of good practice which can be shared to improve training throughout North East and North Cumbria.


Survey Results 2023

2023 GMC National Training Survey - Training and Education North East & North Cumbria #1 again!

As Postgraduate Dean I would once again like to personally thank all Doctors in Postgraduate Training for the fantastic collective feedback you have given to all those in the North East and North Cumbria who have worked so hard to continue to deliver to you the top-ranked training in the UK.

The North East and North Cumbria has once again been rated #1 overall and also as #1 in 7 out of 18 of the longstanding indicators the GMC uses to evaluate training and as #2 in 3 of the other indicators. The 'Study Leave' indicator was the lowest ranked at #9.

Your feedback reflects the huge amount of hard work your trainers, your placement providers and their education teams, the whole Workforce Education and Training team, and the Lead Employer Trust have done to prioritise your training in what has once again been a most challenging year for the NHS. I would like to thank everyone involved in the delivery and organisation of Postgraduate Medical Training for the huge amount of extra work that has been done to continue to prioritise your training needs alongside patient care as the pressures facing the NHS continues to affect us all.

The individual flexibility in day-to-day work and the huge amount of collaboration and collective effort continues to be a core strength of the whole NHS across the North East & North Cumbria. I realise, despite the excellent overall feedback you have given, that training has been affected in one way or another for most if not all of you at a personal level, and also that in the current climate your own individual wellbeing and your feeling of being valued by the system is at a low ebb. The Trainer NTS shows that some of your trainers share those feelings too.

We need to continue to work together and with all our other NHS colleagues to address these concerns and to provide each other with the mutually supportive working and learning environments that are key to providing both a great training experience and great patient care. There are many ways in which you can both give us feedback and raise concerns about your training and employment throughout the training year without waiting for the 2024 GMC NTS survey.  

You can find out more about raising concerns here.

GMC National Training Survey 2023: National Rank by Local Office/Deanery (UK)




We have used the GMC data reporting tool to produce a number of reports to support local quality management.  All reports can be viewed here.

You can explore the data using the GMC data reporting tool.

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