GMC National Trainee Survey Results

The GMC National Training Surveys are organised and managed by the GMC and are facilitated by Deaneries and HEE local offices throughout the UK.

The Trainee Survey has been running annually since 2007 and now forms part of the evidence base for the GMC’s Quality Improvement Framework and provides a snapshot of trainee opinions and views of the training posts and programmes in each deanery/HEE local office. The deanery/HEE local office uses the responses from the surveys to identify areas of concern to be investigated or areas of good practice which can be shared to improve training throughout Health Education North East.


2019 Survey Results

The North East and North Cumbria are top of the class for postgraduate medical training once again. 

Junior doctors, who are training in hospitals, GP practices and other healthcare settings, ranked the region as number one in the UK in 17 of18 indicators (excluding Defence and Pharmacy Deaneries) in the annual national training survey published by the General Medical Council, second only in the Local Teaching indicator.

The consistency with which we have achieved number one rankings, secures the region as providing some of the best postgraduate medical training in the UK. We rank first in the UK for: Adequate Experience, Clinical Supervision, Clinical Supervision out of hours, Curriculum Coverage, Educational Governance, Educational Supervision, Feedback, Handover, Induction, Overall Satisfaction, Regional Teaching, Reporting Systems, Rota Design, Study Leave, Supportive Environment, Teamwork and Work Load.



We have used the GMC Survey results to produce a number of ranking and trend reports to support local quality management.  All reports can be viewed here