This year's ARCPs will be taking place on TBC with feedback for any adverse outcomes will be on TBC. The deadline for submission of evidence will be TBC

Interventional Radiology

Interventional Neuroradiology

  • To complete the Form R part B please click here and Whole Scope of Practice (if necessary- please see below) click here. Both must be returned to Dave Roxborough 
  • Guidance for uploading to/organising the Documents section on Kaizen can be found here 
  • Study Leave record for ARCP



An ‘Enhanced Form R’ (Part B) and guidance can be found here. This is a mandatory part of the revalidation process and as such you are required to complete and return this before (but closer to) the deadline above.  Failure to return the form may result in the Responsible Officer notifying the GMC of your non engagement in the revalidation process which, in turn, may prevent you from revalidating.  Revalidation is important as without it the GMC will be unable to renew your licence to practise. Failure to produce completed revalidation documentation can also impact on a panels ability to award an outcome at ARCP.

Whole scope of practice:

It is important that any trainee undertaking other medical work of any nature (including private or sports medicine or locums of any kind) requests the registered manager of that health care organisation complete a ‘whole scope recommendation form’ on their behalf. Again, this is a mandatory requirement and these forms must be uploaded to the relevant part of the eportfolio or submitted electronically with the returned form R.

Why train at HENE?

The School of Radiology at Health Education North East is unique in having the only validated electronic case archive for radiology training in the UK: MacLab.

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Academic Training

We offer one of the most successful academic programmes in the UK, working with top class scientists in a fantastic and supportive research environment.


Radiology Rotations

Please see our rotation planning procedure which details how trainees are placed across the region.