School Board



The School Board meets twice a year, in January and June. Members of the board can be found below


Name Position
 Dr Ann Anstee  Head of School and Chair
 Dr Mo Korim  Training Programme Director (Core)
 Dr Eliana Fatone  Training Programme Director (Core)
 Dr Nadia Mcallister  Training Programme Director (Higher)
 Dr Chee Gan  Training Programme Director (Higher)
 Dr Tim Hoare  Regional Specialty Advisor
 Dr Naail Al Zuhir  Quality Lead
 vacant  Trust Cheif Exec (CDDFT)
 Dr Mo Butt  Trainee Representative
 Dr Richard Bellamy  Director of Specialty Training
 Julie Khan  Senior Business Manager
 Steve Hamnett  School Manager
 Dave Roxborough  Specialty Programme Coordinator
 Angela Johnson  Recruitment Manager
 Mick Mcarthy  Patient and Lay Representative
 Ally Ashwell & Christian Collins  Human Resources Officers


Why train at HENE?

The School of Radiology at Health Education North East is unique in having the only validated electronic case archive for radiology training in the UK: MacLab.

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Academic Training

We offer one of the most successful academic programmes in the UK, working with top class scientists in a fantastic and supportive research environment.


Radiology Rotations

Please see our rotation planning procedure which details how trainees are placed across the region.