The following process will be used to allocate trainees ST4 and above (dates are indicative and dependant on national recruitment process).

  1. Preferences request early January – 4 week reply period
  2. Preference Re-request if sites have not been selected by any trainee – early February
  3. Trainees who have allocated to a placement with a significant commute or that may require re-location will have this confirmed during March
  4. TPDs will allocate remaining placements once ST3 appointments are available (May)
  5. Trainees informed of placements (late May)
  6. Placement commencement September


Due to National Recruitment Timescales, Junior Doctor Contract requirements there is insufficient time to obtain and accommodate ST3 trainee’s preferences.

If a trainee is to be placed in a site with a significant commute the TPDs will endeavour to confirm placement as early as possible to enable the trainee to plan.


The following factors will be considered when placing trainees

  • Advice from Occupational Health
  • Specific training needs for those on an outcome 3
  • Trainees previous placements
  • Fill rates across all base units
  • Training requirements (with priority given to mandatory PYA requirements that are site specific training needs, it is anticipated these will be small in number)
  • Preferences of trainee
  • Personal circumstances of trainees 


Sites you can rotate to:

Trainees rotate the first Monday in September and can be placed in any of the following hospitals within the region:

  • Cumberland Infirmary
  • Darlington Memorial Hospital
  • Freeman Hospital
  • James Cook University Hospital
  • North Tyneside General Hospital
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Royal Victoria Infirmary
  • South Tyneside General Hospital
  • Sunderland Royal Hospital
  • University Hospital of North Durham
  • University Hospital of North Tees
  • Wansbeck Hospital

We have developed a Trainee Handbook on all of the hospitals across the region and the training they provide. 

Information for Current Trainees

Access essential information on regulations, study leave, certification, assessment and the curriculum.

Information for trainers and educators

Development and guidance on becoming a trainer, standards for trainers, essential documentation for clinical and educational supervision including guidance for GP trainers,  Trust and out-of-hours supervisors, plus news about the latest courses and conferences.


Potential Applicant

Visit our Recruitment website to find out what it's like to be a GP trainee in the north east and north Cumbria.