Annual Review Competence Progression


As a specialty trainee you will be required to participate in the annual assessment (ARCP)  process as outlined in the Gold Guide.

Your SPC will contact you in advance with the confirmed dates for submission of evidence, when it will be reviewed and when you will have your face to face meeting.

To ensure there is a nationally consistent understanding amongst trainees and educational supervisors the RCOG has developed the Matrix of Progression which you should use throughout the year as a guide to what you need to have achieved at the end of each year. This will be the tool that the ARCP panel uses to assess the evidence you provide for your ARCP.

If you are unsure of when your ARCP will be, please contact your SPC.

Summer 2022 ARCPs

Portfolio Reviews - Thursday 16th & Friday 17th June 2022

Evidence & ESR Deadline - Thursday 2nd June 2022

Basic Trainee Feedback - Thursday 23rd June 2022 

Intermediate Trainee Feedback - Tuesday 21st January 2022

Advanced Trainee Feedback - Wednesday 29th June 2022 (PM) & Thursday 20th June (AM)

Evidence should be collected as you progress throughout your training year and not left to the last few weeks prior to your ARCP.  This is looked at during your annual assessment and panels have been instructed by RCOG to take this into consideration.

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