Preparing For ARCPs - A Supervisors Guide

Preparation for the ARCP should be continuous throughout the year. Little and often, mainly by the trainee, will lessen the end of year rush to get the e-portfolio completed and logbook summaries ready for submission to HENE. It is therefore important to know what is expected of your trainee and of you as a supervisor.

Induction – Within first month

  • Both a Clinical and an Educational supervisor should be identified for each trainee and the Specialty Programme Coordinator at HENE should be emailed with this information so it can be added to the e-portfolio.
  • The primary supervisor should meet with their trainee early in the post, in order to carry out an Induction Appraisal form and review their Personal Development Plan, both of which are found under the Appraisal tab of the eportfolio. Educational needs should be identified and objectives set. Make sure objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound).

When setting objectives:

  • Consider the learning opportunities that can be encountered within your hospital and the Registrar’s stage of training.
  • Review the supervisor rating of competence already achieved by the trainee in aspects of the GIM and gastroenterology curricula.
  • The Declarations and Agreements section of the e-portfolio under the Profile tab should be completed by both the trainee and both supervisors.
  • Any documents in the Certificates and Examinations section under the Profile tab should be reviewed and countersigned by the supervisor. Trainees should have a valid ALS certificate.
  • You should review the Trainees self-assessment of competence in both the gastroenterology and GIM curricula.

Training period following induction

  • Trainees should be collecting sufficient evidence to demonstrate competency in areas outlined in the Curriculum section of the e-portfolio. This will be in the form of Reflective practice under the Reflection tab or Work Based Assessments under the Assessment tab. Please periodically check they are keeping up to date with this.
  • Trainees should keep a logbook of patients they see on the acute medical take, in outpatients and as referrals. Further details of this and expected numbers over the training period are available from the Deanery.
  • It is advisable to have at least one formal educational supervision meeting between induction and ARCP. All meetings should be documented in the Appraisal section under the Appraisal tab on the e-portfolio.

Prior to ARCP

  • Trainees should have reviewed their Personal Development Plan to see if they have attained their objectives and if so these should be signed.
  • The ES report should be completed on Eportfolio by the deadline (2 weeks prior to ARCP).  ARCP take place every year in June.
  • The trainee should ensure they have a valid ALS certificate. This should be added to the Certificates and Examinations section under the Profile tab and countersigned by the supervisor.
  • Formative Endoscopy DOPs should be completed on the JETS e-portfolio. The number required for both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for each ARCP will be determined by the JRCPTB.
  • Trainees should have an up to date lifetime Cusum graph for 90% caecal intubation in colonoscopy.
  • JAG certificates should be included in the Certificates and Examinations section of the e-portfolio and countersigned by the supervisor.
  • Trainers should update the Trainer rating for competencies in the gastroenterology and GIM curricula on the e-portfolio.
  • Ensure the trainee has carried out the correct number of Work Place Based Assessments (WPBAs) and that they have been linked to the G(I)M and gastroenterology curricula as appropriate in order to provide competency evidence:
    • ACAT 6 per year
    • CBD & Mini CEX (total of 6 per year)
    • MSF (years 1 & 3 of training only)
    • Patient survey (years 2 & 4 of training)
    • MCR (4 consultants minimum)
    • Other documents that must be uploaded into the Personal Library
    • SCE certificate (where applicable)
    • A valid ALS certificate
    • Endoscopy DOPs as specified by the TPD
    • Remember to ensure that WPBAs and reflective practice have been linked to the relevant section of the curriculum in order to obtain due credit for your log entries.
    • You may find the attached proformas useful in understanding the requirements of the 2010 curriculum see decision aid

End of attachment

  • Trainers should complete an End of attachment appraisal under the Appraisal tab.
  • Trainers should update the Trainer rating for competencies in the gastroenterology and GIM curricula on the e-portfolio.


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