Preparing for your Annual ARCP


The annual round of assessments will take place on the following dates:

We will let you know which date you will be expected to attend in due course:

Thursday 11th June 2020

Friday 12th June 2020

Thursday 25th June 2020


Important information:

All trainees are required to annually submit to the ARCP panel an enhanced form R  and the Whole Scope of Practice form (if applicable) and a minimum of:

  • An up to date educational supervisor's report completed on Eportfolio. For those trainees in an ERCP post or Nutrition post please complete an additional ERCP or nutrition educational supervisor report. 
  • Record of attendance at 70% of GI & 70% GIM training sessions (or pro rata if LTFT) - the regional training is designed to cover the curriculum over a rolling time period. Therefore if you miss a session then please attend compensatory teaching that covers the same curriculum domain. All teaching attended should be documented on the Teaching attendance log.
  • Valid ALS certificate
  • Formative Endoscopy DOPS - 10 per year in each separate procedure, unless certified by JAG, in which case 4 DOPS per year in each separate procedure.
  • ACAT 6 per year as per decision aid
  • CBD & Mini CEX (total of 6 per year) as per decision aid
  • MSF (mandatory for years 1 & 3 of training)
  • MCR at least 4 consultants (yearly)
  • Patient survey (mandatory for years 2 & 4 of training)
  • SCE certificate (for those who it applies to) - evidence to be produced by PYA
  • Use the checklist (also sent to you by SPC) to assist both yourself and the panel in checking that the relevant evidence has been submitted. This document should be completed and uploaded into your personal library.
  • You may find the attached checklist useful in understanding the requirements of the 2010 decision aid.


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