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Safe Prescribing

All trainees will need to factor the following into WPBA plans.

Relates to All Trainees - Core and Higher trainees 

Following the task and finish group on safe prescribing run in HEE-NE, trainees in medical specialties in the region should complete a WPBA (ideally a CBD) which makes reference to their prescribing skills.

This focus in a WPBA is not an ARCP requirement as the psychiatry curricula do not specify demonstration of prescribing skills in this particular way. However following this HEE-NE guidance will provide evidence of these skills and we encourage trainees to do so. 

The WPBA does not need to solely cover prescribing but must refer to it to fulfill this request.

Therefore, please aim to have completed a WPBA (i.e. a CBD) that makes reference to your prescribing competence by the end of your first two years (by CT2) and during the last two years (by ST6), and also that you ask your supervisor to make reference to prescribing competences explicitly in their reports at those time points.

Naturally this will take time for all trainees to comply with this but please factor this into your WPBA plans.

Please try to ensure the relevant WPBA is easily identifiable within your portfolio for example add a tag to the CBD called "Safe Prescribing". 

If anyone - trainees or trainers are interested in carrying further CPD in safe prescribing there are a number of online tools that can be used.

For example, you can register with SCRIPT via the link below. This offers a diverse range of modules.


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