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Regional Core Psychiatry Course 2023/2024

The Royal College curricula for core training states that trainees must attend a local training course (e.g. MRCPsych course for core core psychiatry trainees). It is recommended that trainees attend a minimum of 70% for the purpose of  ARCP competency requirement.

The North East / North Cumbria Regional Core Psychiatry Course is a 3 year day release course. 

The course handbook can be found here.

Each year of the course runs for a full day every other week. Specific dates of modules and teaching sessions can be accessed by clicking on the timetable. Indiviidual module information will be available prior to the modules commencing by clicking on the relevant course year from the tab at the top of the screen.

Trainees are required to contribute part of their annual study leave budget towards course running costs.

Fees will be topsliced from the trainees study leave budget and so, unlike in previous years, there will be no need for trainees to provide personal payment.

All trainees will be contacted prior to the start of the course and will be required to provide details of the year that they wish to attend. If you have not been contacted by 12th August please contact Adam Goddard.

If for any reason you are unable to attend one of the regional teaching sessions, then you will need to complete and return a copy of the Non Attendance form to Adam Goddard detailing the reason/s for non-attendance as well as evidencing use of the teaching time.


Training Courses

Each psychiatry specialty has a number of recommended courses. These are courses that trainees are required to undertake at some point during training. The list of these courses is currently under review and will be published here as soon as this pice of work has been completed. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please contact your SPC or TPD.

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Access essential information on regulations, study leave, certification, assessment and the curriculum.

Information for trainers and educators

Development and guidance on becoming a trainer, standards for trainers, essential documentation for clinical and educational supervision including guidance for GP trainers,  Trust and out-of-hours supervisors, plus news about the latest courses and conferences.


Potential Applicant

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