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The ARCP process is compulsory for all Specialist Trainees in a training programme and ARCPs will usually take place in December/January and June/July.  For further information on the ARCP process please read the appropriate section in the Gold Guide 8th Edition.

Your SPC Adam Goddard will contact you in advance with the confirmed dates for submission of evidence, when it will be reviewed and when you will have your face to face meeting

Please also take a look at this video which has been produced by our leadership fellows relating to revalidation and scope of practice -



Summer 2021


General Adult Psychiatry -       Evidence review and feedback- 18th June

Old Age Psychiatry -                 Evidence review and feedback - 28th June

CAMHS -                                    Evidence review and feedback - 2nd July

Forensic Psychiatry -              Evidence review and feedback - 23rd June

Core Psychiatry-                      Evidence review- 5th / 6th July

                                                  Feedback- CNTW 13th / 15th July; TEWV 9th July

Medical Psychotherapy -           Evidence review and feedback 20th July








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