The ST2 year consists of 3 different sessions which may be taught by visiting trainers or TPDs on the programme.

The sessions consist of:

1) Clinical topic sessions

Traditional didactic teaching sessions covering evidence based medicine, mental health, family planning, pregnancy care, sexual health, women’s health, men’s health, elderly care, genetics, palliative care and paediatrics. 

2) Skills practice sessions

These sessions provide the opportunity for trainees to continue to practice communication & consultation skills with carefully planned clinical cases. 


3) Group skills sessions

In these sessions, trainees are divided into small groups for the year and meet during these sessions to cover topics which they decide fulfil their learning needs.  These are problem-based learning type sessions where they can cover topics they feel important at the time. It provides an opportunity to practice the broader competencies of leadership, chairing & facilitating, teaching, taking minutes, negotiating and working with colleagues.  In addition, it provides a space for meeting with a regular group of their cohort to form pastoral relationships