Training Programme Support (TPS)


What is Training Programme Support?

Training Programme Support is available to all trainees of the Durham & Tees Valley GP Training Programme.

The aim is to support those trainees that are experiencing any issues, some examples are:

  • Health problems
  • Identified educational needs
  • Personal difficulties
  • Exam failure
  • Lack of evidence on Eportfolio


How is a trainee referred for Training Programme Support?

A trainee can self-refer for TPS by contacting the Training Programme directly on 0191 275 4743 or emailing Alternatively a trainee may be referred by their clinical supervisor, educational supervisor or a Training Programme Director.


How does Training Programme Support work?

Once a referral is made an initial exploratory meeting with a Training Programme Director will take place, if deemed appropriate the trainee will then be referred for regular Training Programme Support with an identified link TPD. Training Programme Support is not time limited and each referral is considered individually taking into account the trainee’s particular needs.

An agreed action plan will form the basis for ongoing trainee support and this will be agreed at your first TPS meeting with your link TPD, as will the standard frequency of meetings with your link TPD. In the event of you requiring any additional support outside of regular meetings we would encourage you to contact your link TPD or the Training Programme.

Information is shared with all of your clinical supervisors and your educational supervisor throughout your training so that they are in turn able to support your effectively, we do however only share information that is relevant to your educational needs and wellbeing so not all details may be disclosed if deemed unnecessary.

We also share information with the Lead Employer Trust, for Durham & Tees Valley GP Training Programme that is Hannah Armstrong, as and when required.