Usually the ST3 year is spent in General Practice. It is a busy year with the need to accumulate enough WPBAs (workplace based assessments) and pass the CSA (clinical skills) examination. Trainees are working increasingly independently and also planning their future careers. The curriculum followed in ST3 reflects this with a focus on primary care management and managing complexity. As the year moves on there is greater scope for trainees to influence the content of these sessions and full participation is expected. Content varies from year to year but the core topics covered are listed.

Topics covered:
Consultation Skills
Medically Unexplained Symptoms
How to Teach
Prescription Only Medicine
Drugs & Alcohol
Communication Skills
Equality and Diversity
Appraisal and Revalidation
Domestic Violence, FGM and Veteran's Health
Practice Management
Clinical Governance
Comparing Practices
Practice Accounts
Motivational Interviews and CVs
Dentistry for GPs
Adolescent Psychiatry