Urgent and Unscheduled Care 



Summary of processes for Urgent & Unscheduled Care Training in General Practice Training


In the New Curriculum, requirements for Out of Hours (OOH) training have been replaced by a requirement for trainees to gain capabilities in ‘urgent and unscheduled care’(UUC). These specific capabilities are in turn mapped to the broader thirteen capability areas (please see Appendix 1 below for details.)

Therefore Educational Supervisors will no longer be required to ‘sign off’ trainees as competent for OOH care at the final ARCP Panel. The capabilities required to provide UUC/OOH will be assessed as part of the overall ESR.

However trainees still have a contractual responsibility to complete a certain number of OOH sessions in ST3 – please see below for details.

It is the responsibility of the individual trainee, in discussion with their Educational Supervisor, to ensure that they have sufficient experience across a range of settings to be able to meet the required capabilities. It is the responsibility of the Educational Supervisor to ensure that they are satisfied that these have been met before signing off the final Educational Supervisor Report (ESR).


Last updated August 2020


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